Hens Party: The Ultimate Send Off

While the guys go out for drinks and some other crazy things, ladies have their own fun at the hen’s party. They too will do all sorts of things, some moderate and some even crazier than what their male counterparts can do.
Getting some hens party ideas if you are a lady looking to make a grand exodus from the life of a bachelorette to a settled life with the man of her dreams is a great thing to do. Not all topless waiters or beautiful nude prefer to go crazy on the last night as a bachelorette; others prefer just going a little crazy. If you are becoming one eventually, here are some great ideas that can help you: Some Great Hens Party Ideas Hens Party Games. There are several games that are very popular and interesting during hen’s parties. Some are very innocent and some, well, you never know what will come next. Here is a quick look. Picture the Future – In this game, the hens come together in a moderate environment like the home and form small groups of about three and try to come up with images from magazines that reflect the couple’s future life. At the end of it all, the different versions of the story are brought together and told aloud. It is an interesting game and a great way to express the hens’ wishes and aspirations. Truth or Dare – Here, anything goes. The rest of the hens get to ask the bachelorette any question and order them to do all kinds of things, which “must” be done in accordance to the rules of the game. The crazier your friends, the crazier the questions and dares, and you just might end up performing a lap dance for some guy. Do not worry though, it can be fun if you let go. The Hush! Hush! – As said earlier, in a hen’s party, anything goes, literally. Some hens will go all the way. Here is one idea for those with the will and curiosity: the stripper-check, male-check. More often than not, a bachelor party is characterized by a stripper or two, right? Well, so is the hen’s party nowadays.
That is right! In Adelaide the hen’s may go ahead and invite professional exotic dancer or go to a male strippers club. That is just the first step, and it may stop at that or go beyond. That is right! The hen has the choice of going all the way, if you know what I mean for that final wave in the life of singlehood. You will however want to keep this all to yourselves. For a great hen’s party, do what you feel like as the future state of life may demand that you shed some things. Tag it along; Girls just want to have fun—you deserve it!