Different Cultural Effects On People

Our ancestors always thought us to live our lives liberally but always advised us to follow norms, rules and regulations. They understood the value of following our culture and knew that it paves the way for a better society. A person who respects his or her culture would also obey rules and regulations set out by the law and will know to respect another person’s feelings and emotions. Therefore according to our ancestors culture is the base of a good human being. However in the present society there are many different religions and different countries have different cultures. A culture can be the way a society or a race thinks, the way they dress, the food they eat, and the customs they obey and even the various social behaviors. At times people of the same religion follow a different set of cultures. But the base as mentioned earlier is the same, which is to be a good human being.

The change

After the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century a diverse of cultures immerged and this tarnished all the cultural values taught by our ancestors. A culture of modernized individuals, that is club going and partying individuals were introduced. It has become such a common site where girls and boys go out at night to party, or do drugs once they pass the age of eighteen. There are clubs and restaurants which have male and female strippers performing pole dancing while topless waitresses in Melbourne serve drinks and food to people in the restaurant. People at present call this a trend and entertainment. One might argue that the change in culture is a good thing. For example some religious extremists consider that females should not get educated and schooling is prohibited for them. While at present those perspectives of those extremists are changing and many people are willing to send their daughters to school to get a good education. This can be seen as one good that has happened due to the change in culture.

Similarly, adverse effects of these acts are that at present there is an increase in crime rates such a murder, rape and abortion than that of the past. Kids tend to follow the footsteps of adults and according to them smoking cigarettes even at an age of schooling is something very common. Therefore to make this society a better place it is important equally for teachers to educate children, the difference between right and wrong and parents to teach the little kids the value of following the teachings of our ancestors and make them good human beings opt for the society. To know more about strippers in Sydney, please visit here.