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A female escort, also known as a call girl, is a type of sex worker that is generally more discreet than a street walker who is a sex worker who displays their profession in public. Escorts, also unlike street walkers, will not usually work in an establishment such as a brothel, but they may however work for an escort agency. Private girls or escorts generally advertise their services online or by taking out small ads in magazines or in the newspaper and will usually work either in-call, which is where the customer will come to their location, or outcall, which, as the name suggests, is where the escort travels to the customer. There are many different types of escorts such as male escorts, transgender escorts and female escort in Adelaide & Gold Coast and there are even services that cater to clientele with special interests such as submissive and dominant fantasies and other such fetishes.

Although escorts are more commonly employed for sexual services, there are occasions where a client may prefer a longer standing engagement with an escort wherein they may travel with the client on a business trip or even on a holiday; these types of engagements will undoubtedly come at a higher cost to the client. Private girls or escorts are generally thought of as a classier form of sex worker than some of the other sex professions that are practising in modern society.

An escort agency is a company that manages a number of different escorts, perhaps all male escorts, all female escorts, all transgender escorts, all gay or lesbian escorts or even a mixture of all of the above. The role of the agency is to promote its employees and to arrange the meetings between the clients and the escorts at a preferred location such as the client’s home, a hotel room or at the escort’s home. In return for these services the agency will receive a booking fee and percentage of takings for the services provided, however any extra charges for other services provided by the escort will usually be discussed directly between the client and escort.
In modern society there are a lot more prominent laws to govern the practice of escorts in Brisbane and escort agencies, and in a number of countries the exchange of money for sexual services is itself illegal. In cases such as this the agency may often advertise that their private girls and escorts are merely available for social and conversational interactions as opposed to sexual services.

There are many different sexual services that are available in today’s society from phone sex call lines to transgender escorts and other escorts all the way to dominatrix dungeons and fetish performers. With the ever increasing acceptability of a diverse range of fetishes and fantasies, there is definitely a service out there to tickle even the most unusual and surprising of sexual fancies.